GHP redesigned the hand gripper from the ground up using modern design and manufacturing techniques. This coupled with years of grip training experience from the founder of Gillingham High Performance, Wade Gillingham, has made the GHP Heavy Duty Hand Grippers a world-wide hit right out of the gate. GHP Grippers are unique, inovative, and look and feel like no other gripper on the market. Try what many are saying is the best gripper sold today!

 1. Holle - 901
 2. Vogt - 804
 3. Harju - 802
     Gardener - 802
     Durniat - 802

Gillingham High Performance Front Squat Straps are a multi-purpose lifting strap designed to assist in performing front squats in the traditional lower arm pronated and palms parallel to the bar position and a quick release strap for pulling exercises (deadlifts, snatches, rows, etc.). Great for athletes that have not developed the flexibility to perform front squats in the traditional manner of palms up and lower arm pronated. With the GHP Front Squat Straps the front squat can be performed in the exercise's intended manner, allowing the upper body to maintain the correct position and activating the posterior chain, hips, and quads. These straps effectively raise the height of the bar on your shoulders and do not attach to the body. Much safer to use than other front squat straps on the market that attach to the lower arm and fingers. Bailing out is as simple as dropping the elbows alongside the body and releasing the strap from your fingers.

Gillingham High Performance Gripper Handle Sleeve (Skin Savers II) are a soft gripper handle sleeve designed for beginners that haven't conditioned their skin for heavy duty hand grippers or for trainers that perfer to do high reps with smaller grippers in their training. With a 0.750 ID these sleeves fit perfectly on GHP Heavy Duty Hand Grippers and on most other brands. The 0.160 inch high density foam wall gives a little when you squeeze, working the hand in a new way. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro these sleeves have a place in your gym bag.

Set blocks from Gillingham High Performance are heavy duty aluminum blocks that measure just under 3 inches long, 1 inch (~25mm) on one side, and 1.5 inches on the other. Simply slide the block between the handles at the start of the close to control the quality of your singles or reps. The GHP Set Block on the 1.5 inch side must be used as part of the GHP Gripper Challenge.

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